The recreaMATHS project

Apprenticeship in mathematics
through experimentation
and manipulation

The project recreaMATHS is intending to shift the teaching of mathematics to kindergarten, by providing the kindergarten and primary school educators with meaningful non-formal tools which shift the emphasis from “numeracy skills” and “skill and drill practices” to teaching the “language of math”.



By employing methodologies, such as “game-based pedagogies” and “experiential learning” as well as by assimilating the concept of “math exhibits”, recreaMATHS project offers different resources for kindergarten children and teachers.


Learn more about our pedagogical approach and discover a new way to teaching mathematics!

Interactive library

A collection of digital books to introduce the first mathematical concepts to students.

Maths exhibits

• Virtual exhibitions of mathematical concepts
• Models to be reused
• Guidelines for teachers

3D modelling

Conceive, realize, experience and learn with 3D modelling for maths.

Models and kits

Discover our unique collection of Mathematical Exhibits for Kindergartens

Playful experiential tools can be used with the aim to introduce mathematical reasoning as a means of production of mathematical discourse (language) through observation, embodied practices (that require the activation of the entire body) and simple mathematical conversations.


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