RecreaMath project was developed by a European consortium in the framework of an Erasmus + KA2 project for adult education involving public and private organisations in three different countries (France, Italy, Greece).


Logopsycom is an education innovation center that creates and uses alternative methods or tools (digital or not) to accompany schools, VET centers, educational organizations, youngsters and parents. It was initially created as a care company, specialized on learning disorders, among youngsters, especially in “Dys” (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.), also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) and therefore we bring know-how on the accessibility of content in all the projects that we participate.

Citizens in power

C.I.P. Citizens In Power (CIP) is an independent non-profit, non-governmental organization. CIP constitutes one of the leading organizations in Cyprus in the field of global education, social innovation, entrepreneurship, STEM and sustainable growth. The mission of the organization is implementing cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary approaches, as a response to fundamental social, educational and environmental challenges and policy gaps, mainly by employing technology transfer and operationalizing the research findings.

It is proven that a large majority of secondary school students fail to reach proficiency in math and science, whilst many are taught by teachers lacking adequate subject matter knowledge. With the aim to combat such incapacity through the cultivation of a more positive stance of both students of all ages and teachers towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) so as to bring them up-to-speed on the skills and knowledge most relevant in today’s society, CIP has given special emphasis on the homonymous department. Such a target has been achieved by designing and incorporating non-formal methods of learning & hands-on toolkits, gamified approaches, digitized methodologies relating to Arts, as well as Design Thinking Models in the teaching of STEM.

Fermat Science

The association Fermat Science aims to promote and popularize mathematics and science, heritage and culture through the character and work of the famous mathematician Pierre Fermat. By its actions of popularization, Fermat Science hopes to contribute to encouraging more young people (especially girls) to move toward scientific careers. It has been developing teaching tools, exhibitions, and organizes events and workshops for schools and general public. For each of the projects developed, a scientific council validates the tools.

Fermat Science has been growing continuously for several years. Through its multiple partnerships, it has, over the years, gained notoriety. Since 2014, exhibitions and educational kits created by the association circulate in the national territory and since the beginning of 2015 in some European countries.

Istituto dei Sordi di Torino

The Turin Institut for the Deaf

The “Padre Antonio Loreti” is a private school in partnership with the municipality of Pianezza, and it is recognized and authorized by the Ministry of Education of Italy.
The school traditionally has always paid attention to the development of language by accepting deaf and hearing children, just as the heir of the historical school kindergarden for deaf children (existing since the second half of the 800). The schools work, moreover, supporting and teaching the disabled children (deaf, blind, autistics), in the nearby primary and secondary schools, that are in the same building. In that way the age of students covers 3-18 y o.

The Turin Institution for the Deaf (Istituto dei Sordi di Torino – Fondazione Onlus) is two centuries old institution, based in north west of Italy, providing school, speech training and educational services for deaf people from childhood to adulthood as:
– Kindergarten for Deaf and hearing children (with national ID as formal school);
– Recognized National Provider of training for teachers; other training activities for speech therapists, nurses, educators and other professionals
– Vocational training and vocational guidance for young deaf (cooking and gardening), blind, autistic and other disabled adult students;
– Adult education for deaf and hard of hearing (blind and Specific Language impairment);
– Providing special need teachers and educators service in mainstream schools supporting students in collaboration with the local social services and school authorities;
– Home housing for deaf adults;
– Speech therapy and SLI programs;
– Specialized library and documentation centre for teachers and parents;
– Special projects for the inclusion of deaf people in the society in the view of universal accessibility, with a focus on museum and cultural institutions;
– Projects with the Universities in the fields of researches, language rehabilitation and social services; European and international projects;
– Language classes: Italian, English, sign languages;
– Sensorial Garden;
– Counselling to public employment services.

Les Apprimeurs

Founded in 2013, Les Apprimeurs is a publishing house and a digital agency dedicated to accompany professionals of the cultural and educational sector to the digital creation and dissemination of their contents. Specialized in EPUB 3 format, our team imagines tailor-made solutions to answer the new expectations of users in terms of accessibility, dissemination and interactivity.
Our activity is built on four axis:
• creation of enriched and accessible digital productions (ebooks) which have been awarded several prizes, under its publishing brand L’Apprimerie. We also regularly collaborate with professionals and organizations from various sectors: educational, cultural and audiovisual institutions.
• Edition of illustrated books. We work with authors and illustrators, and accompany them in the creation and production of books for children. We organise workshops in schools of Arts about new narrative processes combining traditional and digital media. We work with libraries and teachers to promote the creation of books as a creative project to bring together a class or individuals from different backgrounds.
• development of innovative educational and digital tools to ease access to written contents. We consider digital publishing as a service for readers and a true opportunity to ease reading access and enhance reading experience. Accessibility and inclusive publishing are the keystone of our approach.
• training of professionals and students from publishing, audiovisual, artistic, design, education, willing to update their digital skills and to master new ways of producing digital contents.