Math exhibits


You will find in this section 14 hands-on exhibits with lesson plans and workshop for teaching mathematics in a playful way.
Some of them are available for children aged 4-5 and some others for 6-7 years old. All of them are available in four languages:
• English,
• French,
• Italian,
• and Greek.
We also have prepared some posters to present the activity to your students!

How to use them? Download the full package, you will find inside:
• a poster ready to print,
• a lesson plan that include instruction and description of the activity, step by step,
• a worksheet for your students, we suggest to present the sheet with the workshop to your student so that they can manipulate and learn autonomously,
• all elements needed ready to print.
If you like to workshop, you will find the exhibit plans int the Blueprints library.

Have fun!

Exhibits for level 1

Exhibits for level 2